Cannoli Kings Famous Pizza Parties.

Cannoli Kings Catering brings the pizzeria right to your location! We can do NY Style or Brick Oven, here are some photos of a party in Brentwood, CA.  where we brought a 2000 lb wood burning oven to the location. The second set of photos is from a Pizza Party we did in New Port Beach, we brought in the NY pizza ovens and created a complete pizzeria on site in the parking lot of the venue. The third set is on the back lot of the movie making of Transformers.   Contact us for a quote! 310-770-6753. Now available in Sarasota Florida and Surrounding areas. 941-800-1750

First Set:

Pizza Party 001 Pizza Party 002 Pizza Party 004 Pizza Party 005 Pizza Party 006 Pizza Party 007 Pizza Party 008

Second Set:

oc015 oc014 oc012 oc010 oc9 oc6 oc022

oc021 oc018

Third Set:

pizza7 pizza5 pizza4 pizza3 pizza2 pizza1 pizza9

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