Cannoli Kings Catering of Los Angeles Voted Best Catering Company in Los Angeles

Welcome to Cannoli Kings Catering, “Los Angeles’s Favorite Catering Company”, Voted Best Catering in Los Angeles. We at Cannoli Kings are proud to be celebrating our 10 years in the catering business in Los Angeles. We have been blessed with an amazing clientele and it don’t stop, we continue to be take on more each and everyday. Celebrities, corporates, events, backyard BBQs, weddings, red carpet events, personal chef services, pizza parties,  just about any event or function you can imagine, we have carefully executed and made a huge success. We are passionate about our company, we are passionate about our food and we are passionate about the service we bring to you. Cannoli Kings has always stood by our philosophy…Make it an event to remember no matter how big or small, answer our phones, work within your budget and the customer always comes first, no matter what. That is the good old fashion American way and we believe in a city of millions and major competition, Cannoli Kings will always be your “go to” catering company, the neighborhood business and we stand by that.

Chef Michael Parise – owner/executive chef

One thought on “Cannoli Kings Catering of Los Angeles Voted Best Catering Company in Los Angeles

  1. hey mike we met in Mercedes benz, I was the caterer , marc , I looked at all your stuff on line and it looks great, if you ever need anything in new York , I would liove to be your guy, BUSCO GOURMET KICHTEN, 516 536-7303

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