Our Story.

It all started in West Hollywood, CA. in a one bedroom apartment. Comedian/Chef, Michael Wheels Parise had an idea! Growing up, as a young kid, Michael’s favorite snack was a Cannoli fresh from the neighborhood bakery, even when he was 14 years old he got a job at a local bakery just so he can be closer to his decadent vice. In 2004 he decided to make his dream a reality and make the best Cannoli in the world and wanted to be able to ship them all over the USA. for all to enjoy. Hence “Cannoli Kings” was born. Soon after he expanded to full catering services in Los Angeles and he was “The Talk of the town” winning best caterer in Los Angeles and taking LA by storm, being called by his clientele,   “LA’s Favorite Catering Company” The most sought after Chef and Catering company in Los Angeles, Chef Michael Parise went on to being inducted in to the “Great Chefs of Los Angeles” and the celebrity and power Hollywood clientele started pouring in, starting with Michael Jackson, Halle Berry, Teri Hatcher, Robin Williams, Tyra Banks, Andrew Dice Clay, etc… and the list goes on and on. Ten years later he decided to bring his daughter Catherine in to the family business and here we are right now! Catherine was practically born with a Cannoli in her hands! Today Catherine is the “Cannoli Princess” heading the kids division and mini Cannoli. Catherine is the creative force in coming up with new innovative “Kid Friendly” flavors and will one day rule the roast. Cannoli Kings is still very personal and Chef Michael is very, very hands on with the company, promising you this; To make your catered event the most spectacular and memorable event, always answering the phone and bringing you the best Cannoli in the entire world. 300+ Cannoli flavors under his belt and the list keeps growing! You just cannot get any better than Cannoli Kings. Now available in Sarasota Florida and Surrounding areas. 941-800-1750

252800_2124224983574_7392821_n cropped-224077_2071197857929_1617126_n2.jpgjrchef03 Jrchef

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