Cannoli Kings Through The Years.

Cannoli Kings was designed to be the “fun” catering company in Los Angeles. We thank our clientele for making us the catering company of choice. We are not for everybody and we know this…Here are some photos form throughout the years of our legendary business. We would love to add you to the mix! call Chef Michael Parise and lets get you in the loop! 310-770-6753

Brandimikechefmichael Chef_Parise-and-Shelly-Rivl faith3 helaine mparise 031 mparise 063 mparise 083 Picture 053 of=50,590,442as of=50,590,442q westcap022 01102008(003) aug23 002 aug4th 020 aug23 001 aug23 005 July4th 020 Chef Michael Parise at citysearch July4th 057 July11th 054 July11th 052 July11th 053 July11th 017 July11th 059 July12th 068 July12th 065 July12th 066 July12th 067 July12th 068 July12th 067 July12th 059 JULY26TH SUSAN LANE 030 JULY26TH SUSAN LANE 047a July12th 063 July12th 062 JULY26TH SUSAN LANE 061 Richard and Lyn 009 tyraandchefp Photo_032708_007 Richard and Lyn 010 Chef-Parise-Lynn-Milgrim_small1 Chef-parise-and-Charlie-Adl_small1 Chef-Parise-and-Faith-Cole_small1 Chef-Parise-and-Marc-Singer_small1 familystyle_small1 Efrain_small Gary-Marshall_small Sherilene_Parise_Chef_Parise_Wolfgang_Puck ARC 013 Chef Michael and Amy Newman H0577D-385 dec-155 dec 097 dec 045 chef parise and julliene of=50,590,442dds of=50,590,442sz of=50,590,442z H0577D-385 H0577D-382 of=50,590,442

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